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acupuncture in bali

a long time fan of this technique. acupuncture is most commonly used to treat pain by inserting needles into “acupoints”… this releases endorphins (body’s natural painkilling chem). It is a great way to balance the flow of energy in your body known as “chi”.

I’ve been using acupuncture to help with allergies and sleep for years, but mostly recently to aid with mind numbing cramps. the relief I feel post session is undeniable. It’s also the best natural nights sleep I’ve ever had.

acupuncture is most effective in multiple sessions although I do feel an instant relief after just one. the needles are super tiny and if done by someone who is experienced in practicing Chinese medicine (this is important) you won’t feel any pain, just relax and don’t tense up. the tiniest prick can be uncomfortable if by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. I have never bruised, but it’s possible you may have smaller than a pea size bruise that should go away quickly.

side note: the acupuncturist in Bali told me that I should never drink super cold drinks while on my period. he said Chinese women only drink hot beverages or room temp. they also never walk barefoot on cold tile or floors

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