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the perfect mascara

finding the perfect mascara is like searching for a needle in a hay stack. they either flake, clump, or worse, run (there’s nothing like taking a trip to the ladies only to discover you look like the girl from the ring. its honestly made me question friendships. i mean, if your friends won’t tell you, are they really your friends? food for thought). anyways, our journey to find the perfect mascara was starting to seem impossible, until one day the crowds parted, and we were introduced to our savior

we’re not going to give you a list of recommendations, we’re only going to talk about one mascara. why? because we both use it, love it, and honestly haven’t found anything else that lives up to it. so, without further ado, and because we love you, here you go….

benefit cosmetics they’re real! tinted lash primer

(yes, it’s a primer, but trust us when we say it’s all you need for an everyday look)

  • the color is perfection: mink-brown, which we think is a much less harsh than black
  • goes on smooth and lengthens
  • natural, but a much better version than their original state (makes them defined and feathery)
  • water resistant (you’ll never be horrified in a bathroom mirror again)
  • conditions your lashes with provitamin b5
  • the brush is designed to give your lashes the ultimate separation (goodbye clumping)

*always curl your lashes prior, and when time to remove, we recommend using an oil cleanser + microfiber cloth

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