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remember dry brushing?

it’s still a thing.

for those of you new to the idea…

dry brushing isn’t rocket science, it’s exactly how it sounds: brushing your bod while it’s dry

benefits include:

lymphatic drainage: this one’s a biggie. our health depends on the immune system. dry brushing stimulates lymph flow, flushing out toxins and excess water from the bod. it also decreases bloating and helps improve digestion. *really focus on your inner thigh and under the arms*

exfoliation: it helps shed dead skin cells and unclogs pores, giving you brighter, smoother skin *don’t forget to heavily moisturize after rinsing off*

cellulite: we aren’t going to lie to you and pretend this is going to banish those unsightly little dimples, but much like a deep tissue massage, it helps reduce the appearance by increasing circulation, which is good enough reason for us

circulation: increases blood flow, which promotes oxygen-rich blood, cell growth and organ function

how to dry brush:

-it’s best done before showering

-begin at your ankles using light but firm circular motions *always working your way towards the heart

-after legs, brush your stomach, arms and shoulders. you can watch Rylie demonstrate how it’s done here

what to keep in mind:

don’t be heavy-handed. if your skin is red afterwards, lay off. you want it to be slightly pink *remember, medium not medium-rare*

and do NOT use this brush on your face as it’s way too harsh 

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