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Rylie does Mauritius

up until i met my husband, i had no idea this little island in the Indian ocean even existed. although it takes planes, trains and automobiles to get there, it’s well worth the 32 hour journey (no joke). each year we’ve taken different routes- through Dubai, London, Istanbul, etc, so it’s always an adventure. this was my 4th year back, and one thing that always surprises me is that i’ve never come across another American. maybe it’s too far or not enough people know about it (like me), so i’m taking it upon myself to spread the word about this little gem…

i can honestly say Mauritius is the most beautiful place i’ve ever been. it’s also very special to me because it’s where I got engaged! if you’re looking to relax like never before, Mauritius is the place. teal blue water and white sands surrounded by incredible mountains, waterfalls, lagoons, and rainforests. it’s truly breathtaking. because it’s on the other side of the world, we always go in december (their summer), which is the perfect time to escape the dallas cold! the country is made up of immigrants, most of which are from india, and the primary language spoken is french

one of the things i look forward to the most (aside from the view) is the FOOD. every day at lunch i order an avocado salad from one of the men walking up and down on the beach. i literally crave it 11 months out of the year and have at least once a day. the salad consists of chopped avocado (the best i’ve ever had), freshly shaved hearts of palm, beautiful red tomatoes, sliced cucumber, and the most drinkable vinaigrette you’ve ever had (the secret ingredient is sugar cane vinegar). another thing i look forward to is all the tropical fruit- fresh lychees, passion fruit (they make the best martinis), guava, and things i never knew existed!

as for activities, there are endless things to do besides lay on the beach (which is at the top of my list). you can play golf, go to the spa, scuba dive, swim with wild dolphins (coolest experience), take a helicopter around the island, see the waterfalls, etc. i even dabble in a little tennis 😉 but one of my favorite things to do is take a bike ride around the island every afternoon followed by a cocktail on the beach

i can’t say enough good things about Mauritius. it’s paradise. and when i’m there, it truly feels like an escape from reality

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