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Mon-Wed. 10am – 7pm | Thur-Fri. 10am – 6pm 


Rylie’s cheat sheet for makeup brushes 💋


crease brush: for blending shadow into the socket to create depth. i like to really work it in using a back and forth windshield wiper motion


large shadow brush: for applying shadow to the actual lid (minus the inner corner). think of your eyelid as 3 quadrants (inner corner, middle and outer corner). you want to progressively get darker as you work your way out


mini shadow brush: for applying your lightest/highlight shadow to the inner eye corner and under the brow bone


foundation brush: for pressing loose powder on top of concealer to set it so it doesn’t crease. don’t be afraid to give it some pressure


blush brush: for applying to the tops of cheekbones (not on apples of cheeks as this is aging and pulls your face down)


sheer foundation: for applying any liquid coverup by swirling in circles across the

bronzer brush: for contouring under the cheekbones, on the chin & neck, and along the hairline if your forehead is 4 fingers or more (sadly, I’m a true 4 head)

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