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scent of a woman

the linger of a women’s personal fragrance is a powerful thing. scents can trigger memories and emotions (we all remember that adolescent perfume that takes us back to making out in movie theaters). but most importantly, a fragrance should be something that reminds people of you and becomes your essence. thus, the quest to find the right potion that gives ‘all the feels’ is an ever-evolving task

our current scents…


jo malone: i love earthy notes that smell more like a blend of essential oils rather than a musk. i like to choose a scent that is powerful enough, but doesn’t linger forever. it needs to be refreshing but light. i get serious hives when someone’s perfume is too strong, feels invasive

my two favs are wood sage & sea salt + basil & neroli


byredo: i love musky, warm & slightly masculine scents. i’m currently wearing bal d’afrique by byredo which includes moroccan cedarwood- i can’t get enough. i’m drawn to bergamot, neroli, amber & jasmine notes. they smell romantic and ambiguous, which i love

*it’s important to experiment as we truly believe scents can be different on everyone*

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