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Should you apply antioxidants at night?

most people assume applying antioxidants at night is counterintuitive since their primary job is to protect the skin from environmental aggressors such as pollution, smoke and the sun. however, it turns out there are plenty of reasons to apply a second helping before bed. during the day, antioxidants never get fully absorbed into your cells because they’re destroyed protecting the skin from free radical damage. think of them as soldiers heading out to war, dying in the name of anti-aging.  they’re too busy acting as a shield, much like SPF, and aren’t able to penetrate where they’re really needed

why antioxidants work best after-dark

certain antioxidants like resveratrol, are shown to supercharge your skin’s nighttime repair function and fight visible signs of aging by improving function of fibroblasts responsible for creating collagen to fight wrinkles

wearing antioxidants at night still helps you fight free radicals the next day. your body builds up a storage of antioxidants as you use them, so applying them both morning and night will help ensure you have enough in the pipeline when you need them the most

antioxidants are a natural anti-inflammatory and work to stop any irritation in the skin before it creates damage. they contain skin-calming properties to minimize redness and peeling

research shows that UV damage continues for hours after you’ve left the sun, which is why antioxidants should be used in the evening to repair post-sun exposure

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