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signs it’s time to change your skincare routine

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely a skincare junkie like us easily distracted by a shiny new product. we get it. after all, we’re basically human test studies ourselves. with an overwhelming amount of skincare products available, it’s hard to know what you truly need and don’t. packaging/marketing is designed to make you believe every product is a must-have and can be easy to fall for, so how do you know when it’s time to switch up your routine and try something new? while it’s not easy to say goodbye to certain staples, your face might reveal you’re due for a few tweaks

if you’re not sure about your current routine or a new product you’ve purchased, here are the warning signs to look out for…

you’re overly dry
depending on your skintype, a good rule of thumb is to evaluate the state of your skin post-cleansing. that tight, squeaky clean feeling after you wash your face is typically a sign that your cleanser contains drying ingredients that can strip the skin such as alcohol, fragrance, etc. the natural oils your skin produces are what help keep your pH balanced and shouldn’t be stripped
you’re not seeing results
most studies recommend committing to 6-12 weeks to see if a product works/does what it claims to do. if you haven’t noticed an improvement or difference in your skin after this time, it’s time to try something new
you’re experiencing irritation
if a product burns or stings it’s an immediate sign that something is wrong and you need to make a change. a common misconception is that burning/stinging means a product is working. any type of inflammation indicates that the product is too harsh and disrupting your skin’s protective barrier (designed to keep moisture in and irritants out)
you have little white bumps
while clusters of little white bumps on the face in random areas may look like a breakout, they could actually be milia. one of the biggest side effects of using a moisturizer that is too heavy is developing milia
you have uneven texture
uneven texture is a result of dead skin buildup on the surface and a surefire sign that you need to step up your exfoliation. to remedy this, you should be using chemical exfoliants (AHAs and BHAs) to remove dead skin and leave fresh, smooth skin in its place

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