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skin heroes we swear by

being immersed in the beauty industry has exposed us to a lot of products, treatments and techniques. we’ve witnessed our fair share of nonsense, gimmicks and false promises, which is why when we find something that really works, we stick with it and share it with you. although routine and consistency is something we preach, experimenting and trying new things is how you continue to evolve

we promised to be the guinea pigs and only bring you the best of the best, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the skin heroes we swear by based on scientific research, proven results and a great deal of trial & error…

oil cleansing: hands down one of the best things we’ve ever done for our skin. don’t let this scare you if you’re oily- it’s even better for your type! oil cleansers are naturally antibacterial and mimic your skin’s sebum. they help keep your pH balance stable and excess oil production at bay. they’re the most effective and gentlest way to remove your makeup, prepping your skin for a proper, thorough cleanse using your regular face wash. see vid on how to oil cleanse: here

microfiber cloths: we never oil cleanse without our microfiber cloths. they’re 5x more absorbent than a traditional washcloth and extremely delicate on your skin *after applying oil cleanser to dry skin, make a steam towel to gently remove all traces of makeup (including mascara)! wash after every use with a fragrance-free detergent, and refrain from using a fabric softener as it will break down the fibers*

chemical exfoliation: if you aren’t exfoliating, dead skin cells start to accumulate on the surface, resulting in a dull, lifeless complexion. rather than looking for harsh scrubs that can be very damaging and spread bacteria, you’ll want to focus on chemical exfoliants, such as alpha and beta hydroxy acids (AHAs and BHAs). these nonabrasive peel pads contain a combination of acids to gently remove the rough, top layer dead skin cells by dissolving the bonds that hold them together. see vid on how to use: here

antioxidant serum: your skin is constantly under attack by environmental aggressors such as pollution, smoke, and the sun. they increase the number of free radicals in the air, which leads to collagen & elastin breakdown- AKA accelerated aging. antioxidants, particularly vitamin C & E, are your greatest defense mechanism when it comes to protecting your skin against free radicals damage *apply serum after toner while the skin is still damp, giving it 30-60 sec to absorb before moving on*

mineral formula SPF: while it’s a no-brainer to always apply SPF before leaving home, it’s important to know what to type to look for. opt for a broad spectrum ‘mineral formula’ that contains zinc oxide- it’s the safest and most effective UVA/UVB filter and won’t clog your pores or cause an allergic reaction. mineral sunscreen is not absorbed by the skin, but designed to sit on the surface to reflect the sun’s rays *we know the constant pressure to apply (and reapply) can be daunting, so we recommend carrying a spray with you to mist throughout the day*

retinoids (retinol/retin-A): are derived from vitamin A and the #1 anti-aging ingredient on the market. they also fight acne, fade hyperpigmentation, and resurface the skin’s texture for a smooth, even-toned complexion. think of them as “cell communicators.” they stimulate the production of fresh, new skin cells and encourage aging/damaged cells to speed up their renewal process. however, they’re not designed for the faint-of-heart, so make sure you’re educated on how to use them before jumping the gun. you can see a great explanation of what retinol is here as well as a vid on how to apply: here

jade rolling: lymphatic drainage is everything. jade rolling is essentially a facial roller tool that drains congested lymph notes, ridding your body of toxins and fluid retention. if you have puffiness or sinuses, this is a great tool for that. we like to spend extra time focusing on our cheeks and jawline to contour and slim the face. see vid on how to use: here

photofacial: this treatment is the holy grail when it comes to reversing sun damage/hyperpigmentation. it works to create an even complexion by targeting brown spots (including freckles), redness and acne. we’ve both had our face and décolleté treated and can’t believe how much pigment we were able to bring to the surface. our hyperpigmentation is now substantially lighter and in some places completely gone *keep in mind, a photofacial isn’t a one-hit-wonder. it takes a series of treatments and a committed lifestyle to keep up with your results* you can read more on everything you need to know about a photofacial: here

botox: preservation is the name of the game. we both started botox at 25 and go in every 3-4 months to maintain the results. in the rare event we allow our botox to completely wear off, we’re delighted to see that no lines have had a chance to form. consider botox like pushing the pause button. it prevents the fine lines and wrinkles you already have from deepening. regular facial expressions will form permanent wrinkles over time, so by relaxing these muscles early on, you’re preventing future wrinkles from forming


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