Categories: business

by houseofpreservation


Categories: business

by houseofpreservation


we recently had the honor of speaking at the international congress of esthetics conference and are still pinching ourselves. since the start of our journey over 5 years ago, it’s been a dream of ours to speak at an industry event and have the opportunity to share our story


as two girls with just an idea and no prior experience, we decided to quit our corporate jobs and pursue a path towards opening our own business. while the end goal was always in mind, it was a 3 year process from conception to the day we opened doors at HOP. we did not do this over night


in order to do it right, we knew we would have take the long road (with a few savvy shortcuts) to become experts in our industry. we had to start by getting the right credentials and education if we wanted to be taken seriously, so we enrolled in school to become licensed estheticians and certified laser technicians


our next step was working in a medical spa to learn all the ins and outs. how could we run a business without experience working in the industry we were entering? we wanted to understand every facet- from being a provider, to learning mistakes to avoid and what equipment was worth investing in


after gaining experience in the industry, we attended a crash-course conference on everything we needed to know to open and operate a medical spa. the knowledge we gained from the speakers was invaluable and hoped that one day we’d be in a position to do the same


we’ll forever consider ourselves students and never stop learning, but we have picked up a thing or two at this point in our journey and want to be a resource for anyone wanting to start a new business or rebrand yourself, it’s never too late!


we were asked to speak on how we’ve managed to open a business without a marketing budget and want to share the tools and tips we used that you too can implement to get your business out there and set yourself apart. we’re not here to tell you the fluff- only the real things that worked for us (and didn’t) and what we’ve learned along the way. we love what we do and if you feel passionate about something, consider finding a way to make it your purpose 🤍


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