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the #1 way to effectively remove your makeup

there’s nothing we vouch for more than OIL CLEANSING- we’re still unsure how we ever got all our makeup off without it…

the double-cleansing method has been used by korean’s for centuries and here’s the reason behind it: oil cleansing not only breaks down dirt and makeup, but also pulls out whatever impurities are trapped in your pores. it literally melts away all traces of makeup in seconds, allowing your regular cleanser to do its job much more effectively. by starting with this step, you create a clean canvas for your cleanser to work with so that it can properly cleanse and target whatever issues your skin is dealing with. if you have oily skin, don’t be alarmed- it’s even better for your type. oil cleansers are naturally antibacterial and mimic your skin’s sebum to keep your pH balance stable and excess oil production at bay. see vid on how to oil cleanse: here

bottom line- no matter what skin type you have, everyone can benefit from double-cleansing. it not only ensures you’re getting a complete and thorough cleanse but also allows the ingredients in your skincare regime to be much more effective

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    1. Hi, I’m wondering your thoughts on rosehip seed oil as an oil cleanser, and then of course following with my regular cleanser.


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