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the art of preservation

everyone has their own trajectory when it comes to aging. for us, it’s all about “pressing the pause button” with preventative treatments and preserving skincare products. our goal at House of Preservation is to delay the aging process as much as possible…

while we can’t stop the clock completely, we can significantly slow it down with our

*keys to preservation*

BOTOX/DYSPORT/JEUVEAU: the #1 way to prevent fine lines and wrinkles

this is our go-to anti-aging treatment. when you get botox early on, you’re preventing the fine lines and wrinkles you already have from deepening, which will keep you from needing more units as you get older. normal facial expressions will form permanent wrinkles over time, so by relaxing the muscles associated with those movements, you not only soften & smooth the appearance of any existing lines, but also prevent new ones from forming

this treatment can also be used for a number of other cosmetic enhancements and a variety of medical conditions. see what all you can do below…

forehead lines
say goodbye to that washboard above the brows

crows feet
smile and squint without those pesky crinkles around the eyes

brow lift
look more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed with a lifted brow

gummy smile
reduce excessive gum exposure by relaxing the upper lip elevator

dimpled chin
smooth out that pebbly area with a little chin-tox

get rid of those worry and angry lines between the brows

baby botox
perfect for first-timers looking to get their feet wet with a lower dose or a more natural look

sayonara sweat stains
say sayonara to armpit sweating that no amount of deodorant can remedy

migraine relief
get rid of chronic headaches without pill-popping

jaw pain
eliminate tension and discomfort caused by teeth grinding and TMJ disorders

neck bands
improve the appearance of unsightly horizontal necklines


FILLER: for adding lost volume and stimulating collagen production

at HOP, we pride ourselves on our natural approach to dermal fillers. they’re designed to plump and add volume to the soft tissue under the skin as well as increase collagen production within that specific area or zone. they can be used as an alternative to surgery to help lift the face as well as enhance certain areas that need more contour/definition such as the jawline, cheeks and chin. see what all you can do with dermal fillers below…

liquid rhinoplasty
fix nasal imperfections such as humps, divots, or a drooping tip

non-surgical chin job
enhance a weak chin for a perfectly balanced profile

perfect pout
enlarge that pucker for a fuller, more sensuous mouth

need more Zzz’s
banish tired under eyes that no amount of concealer or sleep can fix

cheek contouring
achieve an instantaneous mid-facelift and perfectly highlighted cheekbones sans makeup

not your puppet
smooth away marionette lines that run from the corners of the mouth down to the chin

temples of doom
this area is often neglected, but critical for a youthful appearance. add volume to hollow temples for an instant eye lift

jokes on you
say goodbye to smile and laugh lines that appear around the sides of the mouth

corner lip lift
instantly turn the corners of the mouth upwards for a neutral resting face

hand rejuvenation
with aging, the skin gets thinner, and in the hand, the tendons and veins start popping. plump the back of hands to make tendons and veins less visible

jawline contouring
release your inner bella hadid or kendall jenner with a perfectly sculpted profile


RETINOL: the superhero ingredient for turning back the clock

retinoids (retinol and retin-A) are derived from vitamin A and considered the #1 anti-aging ingredient on the market. they also fight acne, fade hyperpigmentation, and resurface the skin’s texture for a smooth, even-toned complexion. retinoids work by stimulating the production of fresh, new skin cells and encourage aging/damaged cells to speed up their renewal process. however, they’re not designed for the faint-of-heart, so make sure you’re educated on how to use them before jumping the gun. you can see a great explanation of what retinol is here as well as a vid on how to apply: here

MICRONEEDLING: also known as collagen induction therapy

microneedling is recognized as one of the most beneficial anti-aging and skin rejuvenation treatments out there. it stimulates your skin’s natural ability to heal itself, giving anyone with acne scars, stretch marks, large pores, and an uneven complexion, a glimmer of hope. the pen-like device is tipped with single-use fine needles to create tiny punctures in the skin (after using numbing cream, of course). these controlled micro-injuries trigger your body’s natural ability to generate new collagen production as well as create channels for active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin. you can read more on everything you need to know about this treatment here

COLLAGEN: the key to youth

if you’re over 25 and haven’t started incorporating collagen into your regimen, we hope you’re reading. as you age, your collagen production slows down (stopping altogether in your 40’s), leading to wrinkles, sagging skin, bone loss, etc. basically it’s the glue that holds your body together and the key to maintaining youthful skin. we incorporate collagen into our diet by taking supplements and drinking bone broth. see how collagen can benefit you below…

the obvious
they slow down the clock by preserving your skin’s elasticity and tightness and are shown to reverse some signs of aging

moisturize the skin
they contain essential amino acids your skin requires for optimal hydration

maintain appearance
the amino acids found in collagen supplements help the skin naturally repair itself, keeping it smooth and healthy

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