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the importance of the lipid barrier

ever wondered why your skin gets dry, flaky, itchy, or irritated? these are common signs of a damaged barrier function. when it comes to having a flawless skin, its all about the lipid barrier. allow us to simplify…

picture a brick wall. the skin cells on the outermost layer are the bricks, and the cement holding them together are the lipids. the lipids are designed to prevent water loss from the skin, maintaining its hydration and firmness. healthy skin is like a brick wall with no cracks or holes. if there are any cracks in the brick wall, what happens? leakage. same goes for the skin. if you don’t have enough lipids, water escapes. lipids prevent water loss by triggering your sebaceous glands to produce more oil/sebum, which provides a protective layer over the surface of your skin. however, as you age, the number of lipids naturally decreases, leading to dry skin and loss of hydration AKA water

how to strengthen your barrier function…

-don’t exfoliate too often as it can strip those precious lipids from the skin
-repair with ingredients that help replace lipids that are lost
-apply a hydrating serum under your moisturizer to help your skin regain its proper moisture balance
-take omega-3 fatty acid supplements
-apply a face oil on top of your moisturizer for an added layer of protection

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    1. Skinceuticals b5 hydrating gel or Paula’s choice niacinamide booster (if you have rosacea) xx

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