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the importance of using toner and why its a power player in our routine

toners get a bad rap. ever since the debut of ‘sea breeze’ astringent, most people assume they’re overly drying and strip your skin of its natural barrier. that’s because back in the day they were alcohol-based liquids that left your face stinging and irritated. today’s toners do the opposite. they’re water-based and typically include antioxidants and cell-repairing ingredients to hydrate and nourish the skin as well as chemical exfoliants. in short: a toner is a fast-penetrating liquid that delivers skin a quick hit of hydration and helps remove dead skin cells off the surface for a plump, glowing complexion

why toner is a major power player when it comes to maintaining healthy, luminous skin…

  • balances your skin’s pH: since our skin is naturally acidic, cleansers can easily throw our pH off balance leading to an overproduction of oil. using a toner post-cleansing helps balance and restore the skin’s pH, bringing it back to its natural acidic state and helping keep excess oil at bay
  • preps your skin for serums: think of toner like a primer before makeup. it sets the foundation/the ‘tone’ (see what we did there?) for the rest of your skincare routine
  • helps your skin absorb your skincare products: when your skin is damp, it acts like a sponge absorbing ingredients much more readily. your skin is like a dried-up sponge- if you put moisturizer on a brittle sponge, it won’t accept it, but if you wet the sponge it will sink right in
  • Korean beauty must: hydration is the foundation of a K-beauty routine. the idea is to thoroughly cleanse and clarify via your double cleanse, then use a toner as the first leave-on step to hydrate and treat
  • soothes & repairs: because of its anti-inflammatory properties, toners help reduce redness and irritation to calm and provide relief for sensitive skin

hacks to use…

  • apply post-cleansing no later than a minute after cleansing (your face needs to still be damp as active ingredients penetrate the skin better when it’s wet to deliver greater results)
  • you can use a spray bottle to spritz over the face or directly into your hands to press & pat into the skin *preferred Korean method*
  • after applying toner, proceed with your regular routine beginning with serums

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