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the serum edit

no skincare routine is complete without the boost of a serum- consider it the icing to your cake. whether you’re battling a breakout, fighting sings of aging, in need of hydration, or looking to brighten dull skin- there’s a serum suited for the task. serums are highly concentrated products, full of powerful ingredients designed to treat specific skin concerns. they’re the muscle behind any product line and will up the ante of any skincare regime

apply post cleansing & toning. press serum into the skin and allow it to penetrate (we recommend a few minutes) before following up with your moisturizer

pick a focus…

for dryness: hyaluronic acid & vitamin e

for brightening: green tea extract, licorice root & vitamin c

for clear skin: salicylic acid, tea tree & zinc

for anti-aging: antioxidants like vitamin c, retinol (made from vitamin a) & Coenzyme Q-10 (CoQ-10)

*keep in mind once the product has been opened and exposed to oxygen, temperature changes and light, it begins to loose efficacy. use often and within 6 months of opening*

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