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Brittany does mykonos + santorini

hi babes, Brittany here.

whenever Rylie or i travel, we always want to share our experiences with you and give you our version of the ‘lay of the land’ (recommendations, favorite parts, hot spots, etc). just like we love to share our fav products, the best advice on what to do and places to go always comes from a friend thats been 😉

if you follow along on insta story, (@houseofpreservation) you probably noticed I was recently in Greece- my first time! it’s somewhere I’ve always dreamt of going, and it definitely lived up to its picturesque, all-white aesthetic with a pop of blue glory.

my boyfriend and I started in Mykonos and stayed at the Greco Philia Boutique Hotel (hiiiiighly recommend)…

while in Mykonos, we did lunch at the infamous nammos beach club, a very see-and-be-seen kind of place. we watched billionaires park their yachts and land their choppers- it was pure madness. we learned having a reservation was pointless when it came to getting in. unless you’re a celeb (and name dropping lindsay lohan won’t help- i actually witnessed this happen) or uber wealthy, a rez alone won’t be your golden ticket. luckily, my boyfriend has a way with door guys – he claims their “his people” and we were seated just 30 min after our booked time. all in all, the people watching was bar none, but i wouldn’t have waited for 2+ hours for a table.

the next night, we had an incredible late dinner (10pm) at Ling Ling in Mykonos town, which we learned was actually quite early by european standards. the restaurant didn’t really pick up until closer to midnight! afterwards, we had drinks at astra, a definite must if visiting.

my favorite part in Mykonos, aside from the cute little car we rented, was the sunset dinner at Scorpios. they do sunset rituals every night, which consists of a DJ providing all the vibes and an artist names Olivier that will paint your face or wherever your heart desires.

after a great time in Mykonos, we made our way to santorini where we stayed Chromata. this hotel MADE our trip. Santorini is hands down one of the most stunning places I have ever laid eyes on. we couldn’t believe the view we woke up to every morning. the town itself was a little sleepy for our taste, however, we did get aquatic one day and do jet skis at the black sand beach- i wont lie, i shed a tear while driving out of fear and excitement at the same time (a very unsettling feeling for my boyfriend who was riding with me).

all in all, we absolutely loved our time in Santorini, but think it would have been better suited for a honeymoon or 2-3 days tops.

i’ve linked all my outfits that are still available for purchase as well as the skincare items i could not have survived without.

hope you enjoy the visuals 🙂


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