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supplements, daily

no matter how free-range, organic, or raw your diet is, supplements are essential for optimal health and wellbeing… from protecting your heart against disease to making your skin glow, there’s no limit to what all they can do.

we know navigating the vitamin aisle can be a daunting task, so allow us to breakdown the no-brainers…

multivitamin: if you don’t have a balanced diet, i.e. aren’t eating your daily fruits and veggies or missing certain food groups due to a lifestyle choice, than multivitamins are a must-have. they work to provide the missing nutrients you need. *ALWAYS ensure you’re purchasing vitamins derived from whole-foods and not synthetic*


fish oil: our #1 for hair, skin and nails due to its high levels of omega 3’s that work to moisturize, nourish and combat breakage. rich in fatty acids, fish oil is also known to treat a variety of health issues including bowel and heart disease, depression and anxiety, high cholesterol, eczema, and alzheimer’s to name a few.
*please opt for non-processed fish oil*

vitamin c: if you’re not taking a multivitamin, get on the vitamin c bandwagon. not only is it known to fight off getting sick, but it’s also a champion against aging. because of its antioxidant properties, vitamin c fights free radical damage, protecting your skin cells from collagen and elastin breakdown.


magnesium: while it’s found in some of our everyday favs like spinach and dark chocolate, most people are deficient in this mineral. as the opposite of calcium, magnesium works to relax your muscles. we recommend taking at bedtime to calm your nerves and help you sleep.


probiotics: known as the ‘good’ bacteria, probiotics work to limit the growth of yeast and unhealthy bacteria by replacing it with the healthy kind. they’re paramount for maintaining a healthy gut, which is key for optimal wellbeing. disease starts with the gut, so take care of yours. ladies, you need #trust.

capsule/powder > tablet
never on an empty stomach



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