What is going on you might ask? that would be me, Brittany, burning mugwort AKA a small sponge-like herb over acupressure points…

moxibustion (moxa) is a traditional chinese technique that has been used for thousands of years for medicinal purposes. it is also used in conjunction with acupuncture. there are two ways to perform moxa: direct (scarring) and indirect (non-scarring).

as a newbie, i opted for the latter which means the moxa is placed on acupoints and lit, but removed before it’s able to burn the skin. the pain level was completely doable. i experienced a couple secs of my skin feeling slight burn but then it was over.

i wanted to try this technique to help my upper back & neck pain where I carry stress and tension. however, moxa can also be used to treat digestion and circulation issues as well as fight the common cold & flu. in the end, i found it greatly reduced the tension i was carrying and helped loosen my muscles. i felt more energized and less fatigued and definitely consider it a must-do when given the opportunity.

treatment received in Bali at Desa Seni