what we like most about social media

we were recently interviewed on how social media has helped us grow our business… while instagram has its negative side (like comparing yourself to the bikini model who eats pizza and appears to never sleep but still manages to have a 6 pack and flawless complexion), it’s also been the driving force behind cultivating our brand. we believe marketing should always be organic and straight from the source, which is why we’ve never paid for an ad or post. it’s also why we don’t accept money for sponsored posts, because we never want our credibility or authenticity to be questioned. when it comes to the integrity of our brand, we always want to keep it real 🤍


we answered: “You can create your own narrative. It allows you to share your message and mission and have full control of your company’s brand and image. It’s also a great way for our clients to feel connected to us as owners, as we manage our instagram personally, and it provides a direct line of communication with us”

moral of the story: Instagram is a powerful tool that can make a real impact

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