Categories: skin

by houseofpreservation


Categories: skin

by houseofpreservation


hopefully you’re not still associating the word ‘acid’ with being unnatural. while there are many scary chemicals out there, glycolic acid is not one to fear. it’s derived from sugarcane (so innocent) and works to increase collagen production and hold moisture to the skin. it’s great for treating fine lines, acne, blackheads, and overall dullness. in short: it will make you glow.

how it works…

the skin is comprised of many layers, right? the top one, AKA the ‘stratum corneum,’ becomes less of a layer and more of a sheet of dead skin cells if we aren’t doing anything to slough them off. as our skin cells die, it becomes evident on the surface, resulting in patchiness, less light reflection, and an overall uneven appearance.

so what does glycolic acid do to fix it?

glycolic acid works as an exfoliate to facilitate the removal of dead skin cells and encourage new, healthier skin cells to shine through

what skin types will it work for?

*acneic skin*
it’s great ingredient to look for because of its drying and resurfacing properties. by lowering the pH of your skin, bacteria has a hard time surviving, leaving it less likely to form into a blemish. it will also help reduce redness in existing blemishes and minimize pore size

*aging/dry skin*
this will act as a reboot for your skin’s metabolism, stimulating collagen and elastin production. it will also help hold moisture to the skin, which decreases as we age

*hyper-pigmentation/discoloration/acne scars*
due to its small molecule size, glycolic acid is one of the very few ingredients able to penetrate beyond the epidermis (similar to hyaluronic acid) and plump the skin from beneath

whether you decide to dip your toes at home, or opt for a professional peel, it’s important to wear heavier sunscreen with this ingredient as you’re exposing new skin cells to the surface. you may experience slight tingling during application, but that just means it’s working. if your skin reacts more aggressively than a tingle, back off and reassess strength

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