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why we choose science over natural skincare 

when it comes to buying groceries, we always stick to organic. however, when it comes to skincare, the same rules don’t apply. in fact, many natural/organic ingredients are actually not great for your skin. just because a product claims to be “all-natural” or doesn’t mean it’s safe

personal experience: i spent a month in bali where facials are strictly all-natural. i had straight up papaya on my face and my skin had never reacted worse, breaking out in rashes and painful acne that was very difficult to treat. the risk of allergic contact dermatitis from natural ingredients is something we see all too often

natural/organic products typically don’t contain preservatives to kill bacteria, fungus or molds, giving them a much shorter shelf-life than science-based products

when a skincare product is labeled “chemical-free” don’t automatically assume it’s the way to go. there’s a wide range of naturally-occurring chemical compounds such as hyaluronic acid and ascorbic acid (AKA vitamin c) that are crucial for your skin’s health

please know we’re not completely hating on natural or organic ingredients. there are many products on the market that are effective and certainly more environmentally friendly

while we like incorporate both natural & science-based products into our routines, when it comes to changing our skin, we find that science-based products are much more effective. their delivery systems are designed to enter the cell and effect change which is why we turn to science for anti-aging, cell-turnover and exfoliation.

products we are loving right now…

natural: pre cleanse + wrinkle peel

science-based: resurfacing peel pads+ power serum

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