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why we think under-eye patches are worth it

for most, under eyes are a daily struggle and hearing the solution ‘get more sleep’ is the most frustrating answer. while there are several options from a treatment standpoint: filler, laser, etc. from a topical standpoint, there’s only so much you can do. while eye creams are certainly essential, when it comes to an instant pick-me-up, this eye mask is our go-to

the Hydropeptide polypeptide collagel+ firming eye masks visibly brighten and rejuvenate the eye area after just one use. they’re infused with powerful anti-aging ingredients (including two of our favorites: collagen supporting peptides & hyaluronic acid) to lock in hydration while also promoting cell growth for a plumper, firmer appearance

how to use…

  • cleanse skin
  • apply full skincare routine (minus eye cream- you want to make sure this area is dry)
  • apply gel masks directly under the eyes (narrow part toward nose, wide part under outer corner of eye)
  • leave on for 15 mins
  • remove and apply eye cream directly on top

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