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summer essential: sunscreen

the sun is the #1 cause of aging, accounting for 90% of all visible signs. studies have found that a 2% increase in sun damage can age the face by 3 years (cringe). and if that isn’t enough to scare you, cancer, melasma & hyper-pigmentation are other examples of how the sun will F you over… here’s a not-so-fun-fact: sun exposure causes pores to enlarge, encouraging your skin to produce more sebum (oil), meaning hello blemishes.

if you aren’t shielding your face or applying sunscreen every time you walk out the door, you’re officially behind enemy lines…

our tips for picking out the right protection…

  • SPF should always be 30% or higher
  • look for something that’s a “mineral formula” and contains titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. these ingredients won’t clog your pores or cause an allergic reaction
  • reapply sunscreen every two hours (especially on a bare face and when you’re outside for an extended amount of time)
  • choose an SPF that not only protects, but also provides nourishment and hydration (we like ours blended with antioxidants, minerals & rich oils to feed our skin)

PS: if you’re deficient in vitamin D, which most people are, try incorporating a D3 supplement into your diet. it works wonders.

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