we’re frequently asked the do’s and don’ts pre and post workout; a valid question as we all know sweat leads to acne. so before scheduling your next gym sesh, here’s what you need to know…
-cleanse your face thoroughly
to remove impurities, makeup, product buildup, etc. as this can lead to breakouts
-apply a light moisturizer as a heavy moisturizer can create a barrier for sweat buildup
 -follow with SPF if you’re exercising outside
**there’s no point in doing a full routine right before a workout as the products will sweat off and not get a chance to stay on the skin**
-cleanse your face immediately afterwards to remove built up sweat, oil and pollutants *
-if cleansing in the shower, make sure it’s the last step *after* washing hair otherwise, shampoo residue will make its way to your face and set up shop
-follow with your normal routine
-workout with makeup on
-wait to wash your face post workout
-skip SPF if you’re leaving the house
-saturate the face with moisturizer (there should be no slip)
-hot yoga is not good for your skin as prolonged heat energy can inhibit it’s restorative process. if it’s your thing, make sure to apply a hyaluronic acid serum prior to moisturizer and be sure to cool down your skin with cold water afterwards